Learning Goals

The Big Picture Learning Goals are a framework for looking at real-world concepts and abilities necessary to being a successful, well-rounded person. The learning goals are not content oriented curricula, nor are they completely distinct categories. Good project work incorporates many overlapping elements of the Learning Goals.

Students use the Learning Goals to help expand their project work and challenge themselves with new ideas.

These are the five Learning Goals.

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At the Met we believe that education is everyone's business.  Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside classrooms.  Research tells us that we learn best when we're personally motivated when we have a passion for what we are doing, knowledge unfolds and evolves naturally.  With this in mind, every student designs their own personal projects through which they do all their learning, academic and otherwise.  These projects are structured around what we call the "Five A's" which provide the essential structure for a successful project.  Metsters don't do cute little projects that will never see the light of day.

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"Having an internship was one of the best things about The Met. I learned a lot about photography and discovered I have a good eye for taking pictures."  former Metster

The Met is founded on the belief that students must be actively engaged in their education. At the core of the curriculum is the Learning Through Internships program, which helps students find opportunities to learn in real-world settings and through meaningful projects. We pair students with adult mentors in the community who share their career interests and passions. Two days a week, students intern at these worksites and take on projects that benefit the organization. Back at school, students work with their advisors to build and reinforce the skills and knowledge needed to complete those projects. Unlike traditional internships which train students for specific jobs, the purpose of a Met internship is to allow students to apply their academic knowledge and meet their learning goals.

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What is a mentor?


At the MET Sacramento we believe that education is everyone's business. Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside classrooms. Research tells us that we learn best when we are personally motivated. When we have a passion for what we are doing, knowledge unfolds and evolves naturally.

A mentor gives each student the opportunity to learn from an adult with a similar interest. The focus on real work in professionals settings gives the students' learning context, depth, and authenticity. Through genuine relationships, mentors teach a work ethic, and model what it means to be an adult member of our community.

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