What is an Advisor?

"Here, the advisors come in early, they stay after, they visit you at home, and they talk to your parents. You know them because they make themselves known."

--Seetha a recent Met Sacramento graduate.

"My advisory are my family. They know me and I trust them."

--Aaron, Met Sacramento class of 2013.


Starting in 9th grade, students are organized in advisories, groups of roughly 20 students from the same grade level and led by an advisor (or teacher), who stays with them for all four years of high school. The Advisor, unlike a traditional teacher, guides each student's learning in every academic area and helps the group develop a strong sense of trust and teamwork. She/he is a coach, pushing students to achieve their greatest academic potential as well as their character and leadership skills. Throughout their four years together, an advisory becomes very close and its members often refer to it as a family.


Personalized Learning

The Advisor partners with each student and his or her parents every quarter to develop a challenging and personalized learning plan for that student. As the child's first educators, the parents' input is critical to this process, providing valuable insight into the student's learning habits and interests. The learning plan outlines the student's objectives for each of the Met's learning goals, taking into consideration that student's skill level in each area. Based on these objectives, the learning plan also outlines specific projects and research papers relevant to that student's interests and internships.

Meaningful Assessments

Students document every aspect of their research and projects in portfolios, which are later refined during senior year and presented with their applications to colleges. Instead of multiple choice tests and exams, each student defends his/her work in hour-long exhibitions each quarter. A student's advisor, parents, mentor and peers comprise the exhibition panel and offer feedback and recommendations for the following quarter. Rather than a report card filled with number of letter grades, a student receives a narrative and/or letter grade from the advisor four times a year. The narrative describes that student's academic and personal growth in detail, based on the goals outlined in the learning plan, the portfolio work, and the exhibition.

Please note that while our school is innovative, our transcripts look similar to most traditional schools for the purposes of college requirements around the nation.

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