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At the Met, we use an internship management system called ImBlaze. This is where the Met stores all internship sites, as well as potential sites. The internship coordinator manages ImBlaze, which is where students make requests to contact sites. Making a request is required before contacting any site. It is easy to use, and has streamlined our internship process. 

ImBlaze is a unique tool that allows schools to easily tap the power of their local communities and mentor-networks. ImBlaze recognizes that students, teachers, and parents have networking power and can facilitate the growth of school as a dynamic hub of social capital. Furthermore, ImBlaze has unique functionality that makes internship programs manageable and measurable. ImBlaze has robust attendance tracking and enables schools to collect workplace learning data to document learning and student growth. Finally, as a relationship management database, ImBlaze is unique in its ability to scale as a school's internship program grows. ImBlaze is a web platform for teachers, internship coordinators and students. It is also a native iOS and Android app for students. 

NOTE: One must be a current student to have an account and be able to access ImBlaze.

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