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In 2003, the Met Sacramento High School opened its doors to 60 ninth grade students, four advisors/teachers, an office manager, and a principal. Roughly 30 students were added each year until 2007, when the Met had its first graduating class. During those years, the Met was a fully project-based learning school. Each advisor had 15 - 18 students to work with. Their role was to help their students explore interests and passions through internships, develop authentic project work that would meet the 5 Learning Goals, and create and foster a “family like” environment in their advisory. While following the Big Picture model, each advisory was a home away from home.

As time progressed, changes began to take place in order to better serve students. The Met began to incorporate “workshops,” which are like classes in traditional high schools. Math was the first to be taught. Then came Social Sciences, Spanish, Sciences, Art, and lastly English. The Met also began to include additional visual and performing arts, such as Music, Film, and Theatre. It was quite the task to balance the Big Picture model with the traditional model, but we've accomplished it. Today, students are able to meet the UC/CSU A-G requirements for college acceptance through Met coursework, develop and complete authentic project work at their internship, enroll in college classes at Sacramento City College, and continue to foster long lasting relationships in the advisory.

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