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A key part of our students' school experience is to explore their interests on Tuesdays and Thursdays through shadow days at local organizations and businesses, in the hopes of securing an internship that falls under their interest area. Students search for and secure their internships by following our process and expectations. If the site meets all Met requirements, they will be approved and may continue with the process.

Beginning in the 9th grade, each student requests shadow day sites based on individual interests. A shadow day is a one-day visit to observe, help out, and ask questions. By learning first-hand from an adult who has the same interest and is engaged in a related career, the student has the opportunity to experience learning in a meaningful way. If the shadow day is a match for the student and mentor, an internship is secured, which means the student would attend their internship every Tuesday and Thursday. A typical Met student will keep an internship for one academic year, and earns elective credits towards graduation for that year. However, the length of the internship time all depends on project work opportunities, interest, and investment (by both mentor and student).

At the Met, we emphatically believe that the internship experience provides our students with opportunities, skills, and experiences unthinkable in the traditional high school classroom. The personal, academic, and career benefits our students have acquired by the end of their senior year are quite remarkable, and remind us that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. In fact, one could argue that the most authentic learning happens through real-world experiences.








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