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School Advisory Board (SAB)

The Met is a dependent charter of the Sacramento City Unified School District, and the charter establishes a school advisory board (SAB) as part of the governance of the school. The board is composed of parents, students, and faculty who are elected each year. We meet monthly via Zoom, on the third Monday of the month.

The SAB has many roles at the Met, but one of the most important roles is providing funding for many of the programs that make the Met so great! Programs like student social activities, cultural awareness events, college experience, and the annual Mentor Appreciation Celebration.

The SAB supports the following student programs:

  • Student projects

  • Field trips to visit college campuses

  • The Met’s annual Mentor Celebration for organizations that host Met student interns

  • The Met’s intramural sports teams (basketball, volleyball, soccer)

  • The Met’s Music Program

  • Student dances - Winter Formal and the Prom

  • Cultural events, including our Black History Month celebration and The Met Posada

  • Student clubs, like MEChA and the Outdoor Club

  • School Yearbook

  • And Much More...

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