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How To Enroll

The Met is such a unique educational program and environment. During normal times, we ask students to come for a shadow day before enrolling. This has always been highly recommended though it is not a requirement. But, due to COVID-19, instead of shadow days, we are currently having virtual informational sessions. To inquire about the available informational sessions you can call our school at  (916) 395-5417 or you can sign up by using the link to your right. The student and their parent or guardian will hear a short presentation from the Principal, staff, and students followed by a question and answer session. After the virtual session parents can fill out an application. The application can be submitted electronically after the informational session or you can come by our school between the hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm to pick up a paper application.

Steps for acceptance/enrollment:

  • Family fills out an application.  

    • Basic information such as address, phone number, and email

    • A letter of congratulations for being accepted to the Met

  • Enrollment, once accepted:

    • Request for records (immunization, birth certificate, transcript, grades in progress, etc.)

    • Parent Teacher Student Compact filled out

    • Orientation for new students

    • An emergency card

    • Student agreements by year (please see Appendix for example

    • Information about IEP’s or 504’s




Enrollment Timeline:

  1. Student/family contacts the Met

  2. Information given to family.  If the registration period has passed and spots are available, the family is offered a spot at the Met.  They may elect to attend a Shadow Day before committing to the Met.

  3. If the registration period has not closed, students are added to a lottery list.  Lottery will only be used if the grade levels fill up before the registration deadline, which is approximately at the end of January each school year.  If the grade levels do not fill up, the list is simply converted to the enrollment list, and it becomes first come, first served from that point until the start of the next school year.

  4. Once filled (either through lottery or first come, first served), interested families are put on a waitlist.

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