Finding a Site and Making a Cover Letter

Making a Cover Letter



  • Your cover letter needs to be detailed, but also concise (without irrelevant information).

  • The letter needs to be at least three quarters of a page to one full page in length (10/11 point font is best).

  • No typos or spelling errors.

  • The letter should be addressed to a specific person, or the job title of the decision maker (i.e. Dear Search Committee Chair:).  

  • If the person’s name is easily identified as male or female, use either Mr. or Mrs., and do not include the first name unless you can’t tell the gender (i.e. names like Chris, Pat, Terry, etc.)




  • Refer to the job description.  “I am applying for the position listed in the latest issue of…” or “I am applying for the position listed on your website” etc.  

  • If requesting a shadow day: “I am requesting a one day shadow at your place of business. A shadow day is…”

  • Indicate how you heard about the position.

  • Indicate who you are/current status (i.e. “My name is…and I am pursuing a high school diploma at…”)

  • Indicate that you know something about their organization based on their website, something you learned from another person, or another specific reason about your interest.




  • Include actual evidence/proof of what you have done in the past that indicates that you can do the job.

    • This is the most important element of the cover letter.

    • Instead of “I have strong communication skills or I am this or that,” you should say “As a high school student, I have gained knowledge of…”

    • Even better, be specific about previous community service experiences, internships, jobs.




  • This paragraph must display a level of passion for working in that particular field.  This is best demonstrated by previous experience, but describing how you identified your passion for this type of work or setting can also be helpful.




  • Should include that you are enclosing a copy of your resume and anything else that they have requested (for example, a list of three references).

  • Should indicate what you expect the next step to be (“I will call your office to follow-up on this email/letter.”)

Have you found a site? Great! Now its time to pursue it!