Internship Overview

Internships are a critically important part of your high school experience at The Met. Internships (LTI) are what enable you to pursue your passion! It is your chance to explore the things that you are interested in and earn high school credit along the way.


An internship is:

  • Unpaid "work" that you do at a business, public or professional organization.

  • It is two days a week, 6 1/2 hours per day.

  • It is a chance for you to gain "real world experience" in a profession that you are interested in or curious about.

  • Ideally, you are treated as an employee. You work to earn the trust and respect of your mentor so that you can be given REAL RESPONSIBILITY.

  • It is ultimately a chance for you to earn high school credit, by successfully completing PROJECTS at your internship.





Steps to follow:

1. You get a RESUME together to give to potential internship sites.

2. SEARCH FOR SITES that are currently on our database OR search for places we have not tried before.

3. You get permission to PURSUE THE SITE with your advisor AND the LTI Coordinator.

4. Once you have permission from the LTI Coordinator, prepare your COVER LETTER.

5. Once you have your cover letter and resume ready, you PURSUE SHADOW DAYS.

6. Wait either a half day or full day, and you or your advisor CALL THE SITE and make the pitch for a SHADOW DAY.




“The best thing about having an internship is learning about a business you are interested in. I like that we have this opportunity, because a traditional high school doesn't teach you about what to do in the real world. It’s all about grades, subjects, and socializing. My internship teaches me how to work a cash register, gives me more responsibility, and what it takes to own a small business.”

Kamari Thwaites

9th Grade

“I intern at the Assembly Budget Committee with Assembly member Phil Ting in the Capitol. I love how I can get a hands-on experience and watch the process of state bills become their making. This site definitely puts me in a spot where I can expand and build connections in the field. This picture is of me introducing my first bill!”


11th Grade