Welcome!  The following is a brief description of how and why we do internships. Please keep in mind that there is more to learn once your student is enrolled:

At the Met, we work with students to help them explore their interests through “real-world” experiences. A key part of their school experience is to go on shadow days at local organizations and businesses. A shadow day is a one day visit to learn about the profession.  If the shadow day is a match for the student and mentor (host), an internship is secured.

Since 2003 our students have gone on thousands of shadow days and have had thousands of internships. During these experiences, they are fully covered by the Sacramento City Unified School District’s insurance policy.

Each student requests shadow day sites based on individual interests. By learning first-hand from an adult who has the same interest and is engaged in a related career, the student has the opportunity to experience learning in a meaningful way. Students will arrive at the shadow site prepared with questions or ideas of what they’d like to learn that day.

All career pathways are offered at the Met. While many times students stay on the same pathway throughout their high school career, many decide to explore other pathways.  Typically, a student will have one internship per year, sometimes two.  As for *shadow days, students on average explore eight sites per year.  That is a total of up to 40 careers a Met student would have possibly explored through hands-on experience by the end of his/her academic career.

It is important to note that with the privilege of being trusted to attend an internship every Tuesday and Thursday comes great responsibility. All students are required to go through the proper channels when interested in contacting a site for a shadow day.


Students are allowed to contact a potential internship site WHEN CLEARED by the internship coordinator. We have students currently pursuing sites, as well as students who already have an internship.  These sites are NOT to be contacted, because they are TAKEN.  In addition, the Met keeps a log of all sites who do not want to be contacted. For these reasons, and others, we cannot stress enough that current students and prospective students not contact sites without permission.  This includes parents and legal guardians.


Students are provided with a database of over 3,000 sites, some of which are current internships, sites that offer shadow days, and also sites that do not want an intern or that are closed.  We find that it is important to keep track of those who do not want us to make contact, just as much as those who do. The Met does not find your student an internship. The student is provided with tools and support to find a shadow day, and potentially secure an internship.  The student is in the “driver’s seat” so to speak.  Most sites students request are found on the database. However, if not on the database, students are allowed to ADD a  site to the database. Students are cleared for sites when 1) the sites is not being pursued by another student; 2) the site does not currently have an intern; 3) the site has not been marked as CLOSED by the internship coordinator; 4) the site has not reported in the last year that they do not want an intern; and 5) NO FAMILY MEMBER of the student is an employee or owner of the site.  Students are NOT allowed to intern where there is family.


Once a student has been cleared to pursue a site, he/she may contact the site to request a one day shadow.  After said shadow day, if the site would like to have the student return as an intern, the student may return. FIRST the student must notify his/her advisor that an internship has been secured. SECOND the advisor contacts the site to schedule a time to meet. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT! The advisor is who meets with the student and the mentor to discuss rules and expectations. The mandatory district paperwork is filled out at this meeting.  After the meeting, the student is free to begin the internship.


An internship lasts anywhere from one semester to a full academic year.  .  The days work consist of daily tasks, small projects, “grunt work,” and project work. Students are to complete a project that is not only of interest to them, but also benefits the internship site. The hours are 6.5 every Tuesday and Thursday, excluding holidays and summer break.

There is much to learn about our internship process and expectations. The above is a brief summary. Please, when in doubt, always ask first. We have a process and system that works.  

Thank you!