How To Make a Resume

Resume Guidelines

Most employers (especially those in education and counseling) prefer Chronological resumes.


1. Use no larger than 12 point and no smaller than 11 or 10 point font (your preference) in Times, Palatino or Helvetica. Do not use any underlining. Only use plain, bold and italics. NO TYPOS OR SPELLING ERRORS.


2. Put your name in bold, but your address, phone and email in plain font. Email address should be professional (i.e. vs.


3. Your objective needs to include three parts, namely: 1. the job title (what you’ll be doing), 2. two key skills (what you’ll be emphasizing) and 3. type of organization (where you’ll be doing it, i.e. community college, university, public agency, etc.)


4. Include a four or five point bulleted section titled “Skills Summary.” This is where you can include your background with assessments, computer skills (include more than simply Microsoft Word in this section), other relevant skills.


5. Do not include the phrases or words “Responsible for,” “Duties include,” “Worked on,” or ”Challenging” anywhere on your resume. These words are too vague and can be replaced by more specific, active words.


6. In the Education section, list your college work first, followed by your high school. Any other educational experiences come after that.


7. You must include the month and year you completed or will complete each degree (no comma is needed between month and year). List the complete name of the college and high school that you attended.


8. You could include at least four or five courses from the Panther Pipeline program that are most relevant to the position that you are applying for in the Education section.


9. Under Experience section, only include years, not months. Each listing must include the organizational/employer’s name, location of city and state, and your job title followed by the description of what you did.


10. Each job description must start with a Functional skill word. Never use the pronoun “I” anywhere on the resume.


11. After the Experience section, you must have an Additional Information section including such items as any community service activities, leadership activities, languages (if not already listed in the Skills Summary section) and anything else that is relevant to applying for the position.


12. Do not be vague in describing past jobs/internships. Do not include irrelevant information. MINIMIZE less relevant experiences and MAXIMIZE the most relevant experiences.