Project Work

The intern is to develop a project that is beneficial to the internship site and of interest to him/her. We find that when both parties are invested, the project is a success.  The intern's advisor will schedule a "Project Set-up Meeting" with the mentor and intern to discuss the project and expectations.  This meeting is typically scheduled a month after the internship start date, but may be scheduled at a later date.  


Preparing for the Meeting:

Mentor and intern brainstorm project ideas, and decide on a project that is beneficial to the site and of interest to the student.


Project Set-up Meeting:

Intern and mentor present the project or ideas to the advisor. Intern is to take notes at the meeting!



The intern is to write a project proposal and make a timeline.  (See attachments.)

After the proposal and timeline have been approved, the intern is to begin working on the project.  

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The advisor will be the point of contact.  The advisor will check-in at least once a month by visiting the internship site, calling the mentor, and/or communicating through email.  The advisor will share his/her cell phone number, in case the mentor need to get in touch.  Attendance is taken every Thursday, by filling out a convenient Google form that is sent to the mentor's email from the internship coordinator, Victoria Lemus.  Although Victoria sends the attendance, it is the advisor who looks over your response.


It is the student's responsibility to contact the mentor when absent due to illness.  The student's parent/guardian contacts the school to clear the absence.  If a student is absent, and has not made contact with the mentor, we ask that the mentor email or call the advisor (if more than an hour has passed).


Most students do the right thing.  Most arrive on time, and call/email when sick. There are, however, times when punctuality and attendance are an issue, as there is for some adults.  In these cases, we ask that the mentor hold the student intern accountable, as they would a paid employee.  Although the student intern is not paid, high school elective credit is being earned.