Rules for a Shadow Day 

1. Be at the shadow day at least 5 minutes early.
2. Greet the people who work there and shake their hand.  Make sure to thank the host (mentor) for taking time out of their busy schedule.
3. Ask questions!  Be helpful!  Take initiative! At the end of the shadow day...Shake the host's hand and once again say, "Thank you for your time.
4. "Ask the host to fill out the comments section of your Shadow Day Agreement form.
5. When you get home, complete the Shadow Day Anthropology.
6. The next day, give your advisor the Shadow Day Agreement form and your Shadow Day Anthropology as evidence.  This should be returned to you to file in your portfolio.  It will be your evidence at your next exhibition.
7. Write a Thank You letter and send it the the host/mentor.

Please print these documents before your shadow day