Internship Process

Shadow Days

This is the first step to getting an intern!


Each student requests potential internship sites based on individual interests. The objective is to contact the site (after receiving approval from the internship coordinator) to book a one day "shadow day."  By learning first-hand from an adult who has the same interest and is engaged in a related career, the student has the opportunity to experience learning in a meaningful way. A "shadow day" can be scheduled for any Tuesday or Thursday, from 4 hours to 6.5 hours, depending on your availability.  Please note that the Sacramento City Unified School District takes on liability for the student; it is like a day at school, only it is at your site. (See attached document.)


There are two ways to start the process:


1. The potential mentor/site contacts the internship coordinator, Victoria Lemus (, and requests to participate. That is when Victoria begins to search for a shadow student for the site.




2. The mentor is added to the Met Sacramento Internship Database, and the students request to contact the site.



If you would like to request a "shadow student," please let us know.  We can find a student to visit for a day. If the fit isn't quite right, we can find a 2nd shadow student.  Students understand that a shadow day does not guarantee an internship. Just the same, a shadow student may decide not to intern.  We want the experience to be good, so hearing "No" is not a bad thing.


Post Shadow Day


After the shadow day, you can decide whether or not you would like the student to return as an intern.  The student would also make a decision to return or not to return.  If you decide yes, the student's advisor will contact you to schedule an internship set-up meeting.  You may also decide that it is not quite the right fit.  In that case, you can decide to have another student shadow, or opt out of having any further shadow students.




An internship lasts anywhere from one semester to a full academic year, sometimes even longer depending on project work and interest.  The internship days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 1/2 hours per day.  Again, liability falls on SCUSD (see attached document).


The advisor will contact you to schedule a day and time to meet, on Tuesday or Thursday at your convenience.  Both the mentor and the student are to be present at the meeting.  In addition to completing the paperwork, the time of the internship, objectives, expectations, etc. will all be decided and disclosed at the meeting.


The objective is for the student intern to work on professional development, and “real-world” projects.  The breakdown would be 40/40/20:  40% daily tasks and professional development, 40% project work, and 20% “grunt work.”  The student intern is there to make things “easier” on the mentor, not to add work.  The mentor should consider having the student work on a project that is beneficial to the site.  In addition, the student’s interest should also be considered.  This will allow for accountability and investment by both parties.  At the end of every quarter, the student will present his/her internship work at an exhibition.  You, as the mentor, will be invited to attend.  Feedback is given to the student by his/her peers, advisor, and by you (the mentor).