Want to Become a Mentor?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Met Sacramento Mentor!


If you would like to be added to our Internship Database, in hopes of finding a student intern, please send me a email using the tool down below, or feel free to email me at Victoria-Lemus@metsacramento.org. In your email, include your site name, address, and contact information.  If possible, also include what you are looking for in an intern, and the type of work you would like the intern to take on. This information helps when trying to find a student intern who will a) be interested, and b) meet your needs.  The process in finding a student intern takes anywhere from a day to a few weeks.  Your patience is very much appreciated in this whole process.


While we have a number of interested prospective mentors, most of our mentors are found on our database. These are mentors we have worked with in the past, or who are new to our school (such as you).  Once you are added, students will be allowed to request to contact you.  The student will request a "shadow day" to begin the process. 


Thanks! Message sent.